New Research on Funeral Planning Released: 60% Think They Should Plan, 16.5% Don’t Like To Think About It - Submit A Press Release

British Columbia, Canada, March 7th, 2019 - Results from a consumer survey on funeral planning have been released today by Beyond the Dash, the online obituary provider. The research, which focused on the Northeast region of the United States, offers insights like: What kind of funeral people would like, and what they expect to spend, with over 57% planning to budget under $5000 How people wish to have their remains handled, with over 47% planning on cremation Bucket List items people would like to accomplish before they die, with over 30% citing a travel goal How many plan to have obituaries, with about 72% planning to publish an obituary “The findings substantiated a lot of what we’ve suspected.” said Brigitte Ganger, representing Beyond the Dash. “Funerals tend to be more expensive than people think. The average funeral cost is usually over $7,000, but many plan to spend less than $5,000. It makes sense that we’re seeing people explore different funeral and memorial


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