New Invention that will improve the traditional Paper Plate

Los Angeles, CA, March 8th, 2019 – The invention we all have waited for is finally in the works. Entrepreneur and Author Jameson C. Montgomery is on the verge of improving the traditional paper plate! This invention is right up there with the idea that cereal bags inside of the boxes should be resealable by now. He is constructing the design and outlining what should be done and has created a funding page to help with the cost to bring this invention to life. “Being a parent even the simplest of decisions can turn into a brainstorming session”, says Jameson. I find myself in the mornings giving my son some cereal without milk in bowls and then he requests a pancake and I am like okay, let me get a plate.” “It’s a simple, but a helpful mechanism to be able to use this future product longer than a napkin, for once,” Jameson explains.” You will be able to take a plain flat disposable friendly paper plate, but will have the ability to fold the outer lining of the plate to


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